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Being a business leader can be challenging. We have good news — you are in business for yourself, but not by yourself!

Peer Advisory Groups

Peer Advisory Groups

Business Discipleship & Leadership Development

We take great pride in offering our esteemed peer advisory groups. These groups provide an invaluable and highly sought-after opportunity …
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Business Leader Roundtable

It can be lonely at the top. Leading in isolation is a vulnerable place to be, especially as a Christian business leader who desires to …
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The Power in the Room

Discover "The Power of the Room" with Truth at Work. We focus on 6 components: Content Discussion and Application, Roundtable Discussion, …
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About Truth At Work - South Texas

Helping business leaders move from Surviving to Success to Significance!

As a Leader and Christ-follower...

in the marketplace, have you felt are the only one out there? place to turn and no one to turn to? many decisions and critical situations that drain you of energy?

Discover Truth At Work today!

You are in business for yourself, but not by yourself!

Building Eternal Perspective

Truth At Work is the premier business Peer Advisory Group servicing San Antonio. 

Truth At Work exists to transform Christian business leaders through authentic peer advisory groups, applying biblical truth for living out our faith in all areas of life.

We provide a community of like-minded peers as we live out our ...


  • Christian Values in Business
  • Faith-Driven Leadership
  • Faith-Focused Business Strategies
  • Victory Through Godly Counsel
  • Biblical Christ-centeredness
  • Safety & Confidentiality
  • Authentic Community
  • Accountability
  • Fun & Joy

Areas Covered

San Antonio Metropolitan Area

Austin, TX

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Transform Your Leadership Journey, helping leaders to thrive not just survive!

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