10 Keys to Conducting Kingdom Business

1. Strive to be Profitable and Sustainable in the Long Term

  • Profit indicates that resources are being used wisely
  • Profit, and profit retention, is not necessarily an indication of greed or bad stewardship

2. Strives for execellence, operates with integrity, and has a system of accountability

  • Long-term viability requires an unflinching commitment to excellence and a reputation for hard work, honesty, and fairness
  • Such companies are transparent and encourage criticism, feedback, and accountability from employees and the marketplace

3. Kingdom motivation & purpose shared and embraced by the leaders and owners

  • Good business practices alone do not point people to Jesus Christ. For that to happen, it must be intentional
  • This begins with a plan that reflects the Kingdom motivation and purpose of the business
  • Kingdom motivation and purpose mean a desire to have a positive and lasting impact in the community, the world, and the Church
  • Owners and managers are mindful that the business may not last indefinitely, but the impact of that business can
  • The spiritual priorities of the company are regularly communicated to employees and customers

4. Aims at holistic transformation of individuals and communitites

  • The business attempts to leverage every opportunity to bring spiritual, social, economic, or environmental benefits to the community at large
  • The business attepmts to be a relevant force withing the community and respected by local leaders
  • The business seeks to be at peace with all stakeholders, and conducts itself in a socially responsible and culturally appropriate way
  • The business sets high moral standars for itself, and is not content to merely adhere to the minimum requirements of the law
  • The business avoids producing projects or services that are harmful or sinful, or perceived as such, in some cultures

5. Seeks the holistic welfare of employees

  • The business sets a high standard in the way it treats its employees
  • The business is involved in a continuous ongoing effort to make the work and the working conditions as safe and pleasant as possible
  • Employees are treated with dignity and given ongoing opportunities for personal and professional growth
  • The value of the family is upheld

6. Sees to maximize the Kingdom impact of its financial and non-financial resources

  • Managers and owners recognize that God is ultimately the owner of the company
  • As such, they focus on how to maximize the Kingdom impact of the company
  • Tithing business profits is too legalistic a view. The goal is for managers and owners to take the holistic view of businss as mission, seeking to integrate a business and mission strategy

7. Models Christ-like servant leadership, and develops it in others

  • Managers lead by example and reflect Christ by serving others
  • Managers mentor and disciple others through word and deed
  • Questions about faith and its relevance are encouraged, and handled in an appropriate way
  • Decisions are checed agains the question of "What would Jesus do in this situation?"
  • Managers meet regularly for prayer, and employees are encouraged to do the same
  • Employees, customers, and other stakeholders are prayed for by name on a regular basis
  • In some cases, a spiritual mentor, such as a local pastor, is retained by teh company for the emotional and spiritual care of its employees

8. Intentionally implements ethical Christ-honoring practises

  • Kingdom businesses operate on the moral and ethical principles of the Bible
  • Kindom businesses are enterprises whose purpose is to produce goods and perform services that accomplish God's will on earth as revealed and proclaimed in the Bible
  • Kindom motivation and purpose means a desire to have a positive and lasting impact in the community, the world, and the Church
  • Owners and managers are mindful that the business may not last indefinitely, but the impact of that business can

9. Proactive in intercession and seeks the prayer support of others

  • Leaders, managers, and owners seek prayer support from others and maintain open lines of communication with those prayer supporters
  • Specific attention must be giving to spiritual warfare, the enemy of our souls will do everything possible to sabotage the Kingdom goals of the organization
  • Proactive intercession for the business is integral to the leadership of the company

10. Seeks to harness the power of networking with like-minded organizations

  • Seeks energy and market power through collaboration
  • Realizes that more can be accomplished for the Kingdom by working together, than by working separately
  • Good Kingdom businesses seek out those relationships and are open to serving other organizations that have similar missions and visions
  • Ecclesiastes 4:12: "Two are better than one and a three-strand cord is not easily broken"

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