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Dan Pogue - Chapter President

Helping Leaders Thrive: Unleashing Potential, Growing Faith, and Transforming Businesses by empowering Leaders to Flourish: Where Faith and Business Converge for Lasting Impact.

I am a Chapter President with Truth At Work in the San Antonio and Austin, TX metropolitan areas.
My purpose is to help leaders thrive, not just survive. For over two decades, I have been working as a leadership coach, executive coach, business consultant, and organizational consultant through Thriving Leaders Group, LLC. My focus is on coaching leaders, building cohesive leadership teams, strategic planning, board effectiveness, and overall leadership growth and effectiveness.
Leadership development and Business growth are my true passions. I have a deep love for leadership development and growing those who aspire to become more of whom God desires them to be. This is what drives me every morning, knowing that I can make a difference in their lives.
I consider it an honor and privilege to serve as the Chapter President with Truth At Work. In this role, I partner with business leaders, presidents, owners, and CEOs to grow their businesses, influence, and faith.
Through our monthly round table experience, we study curriculum as it pertains to running a business according to the Bible, discuss business and life issues, and share best practices in a safe and accountable environment. It's a place where members offer counsel to each other, as we all understand the challenges of signing the front of a check, not just the back.
If you're a leader feeling lonely, isolated, or overwhelmed, a Truth@Work Round Table can help you. I have worked with leaders who find value in meeting each month to grow their organizations in a God-honoring way and personally develop in their walk with Jesus.
If you find yourself as a chronic worrier or if you're seeking greater peace amidst the chaos around you, I have good news for you. I have personally experienced the transformation from worry to peace, and have shared those insights with thousands of individuals who have benefited from my materials.
In summary, I help people:
• Find peace in their business and personal lives
• Develop a closer relationship with God
• Grow their organizations in a God-honoring way
• Expand God's kingdom and minister to others through their business
• Discover and embrace whom God made them to be
• Find encouragement in their everyday livesExecutive Coach, 

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